Property Management

Access Housing Realty is staffed with professional Property Managers that personally manage your investment portfolio. Each of our Property Managers is qualified and licensed to provide:

Rent Appraisals – We take into account the supply and demand in a given area and are aware of comparative home rental values.

Inspections – Our Property Managers are trained to report in detail on the condition of a home and have the expertise and experience to ensure the home is maintained to a satisfactory level.

Accounting – Our Property Managers supply accounts and details of all income and expenditure relating to clients’ property/s directly to the client as scheduled and upon request.

Taxation Benefits – Properties purchased for investment purposes can attract significant taxation benefits. A full annual statement for each investment property is provided free of charge that is ‘accountant ready’ for tax time.

Ongoing Professional Development – Our Property Managers are kept up to date with best practices, improved software systems, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and customer service skills. Access Housing Realty provides all of its clients with highly qualified and dedicated residential Property Managers and is committed to their ongoing professional development.

Residential Property Management is a highly skilled area of real estate that demands well qualified and experienced personnel as well as an effective and systemised approach to management.

As your Property Manager, Access Housing Realty will:

  • Actively market your property across a range of media including Australia’s leading real estate websites. Current vacancy rates within our portfolio average less than 2%.
  • Tenant your investment property for the best return, whilst being mindful of minimising vacancy periods.
  • Supply a range of services at reduced rates including:
    • Maintenance (all contractors supplied through our Maintenance Services Division have been selected through a tender process to ensure that your investment property/s receive the best services at competitive market rates)
    • Property valuations
    • Depreciation schedules
    • Updated rental market reports
    • Renovation recommendations
    • Preparation for marketing
    • Court representation for tenancy matters (as and when required)
  • Advice on low cost improvements to increase the rental return and market value of your property.
  • Screen prospective tenants against the most rigid selection criteria.
  • Implement rent collection systems that ensure the continuity of your income.
  • Monitor leasing agreements proactively to counter the possibility of any vacancy period and maximise rent potential.
  • Make it simple and easy for you to continue expanding your investment portfolio.
  • Present you with opportunities for new NRAS and other property investments before being released to the market.
  • Provide FREE market services including:
    • Set up of NRAS entitlement with NO establishment fees
    • FREE market reports, and
    • FREE NRAS reports entitling you to the valid claim of your NRAS rebate.
  • Provide market preference for the purchase of new NRAS investments by supplying information on NRAS products to the owners before being introduced to the market.
  • Donate ALL of its profits to parent company Access Housing Australia Ltd to assist in providing more affordable housing for Western Australians in need, and
  • Provide absolute honesty and accountability with the management of your investment.


Q. Where in Western Australia does Access Housing Realty currently manage properties?
A. We are currently managing properties in the Perth metropolitan area and Peel and South West regions.

Q. Does Access Housing Realty take on any property for management?
A. Access Housing Realty has specific criteria for property presentation, cleanliness and minimum rental amount, which enables us to more effectively service and manage properties for each of our clients. Whilst we primarily manage affordable and NRAS compliant investment properties we also manage a range of residential and commercial properties.

Q. How does Access Housing Realty rent properties faster and to better quality tenants?
A. We utilise state of the art leasing software that automates the booking of viewings, follow up and reporting to you during the leasing process and gives our tenants a wow experience. Our system books prospective tenants in to view your property as soon as they enquire. We then make our staff available to show properties on weekends and after hours, which makes all the difference to your leasing time.

Q. How do I move my property from my current Property Manager to Access Housing Realty?
A. Appointment of Access Housing Realty as your new Property Manager requires only a few short steps, which we will take care of on your behalf. Simply make contact with our office on (08) 9430 0980 and we will do the rest.